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Dynamic Decision Making Enabled by Deep Learning-Powered Predictive Analytics

We help you build new solutions and digital assets to stay ahead of the curve. Our experienced team believes in promoting a culture of data-driven problem-solving and innovation, and in facilitating the adoption of new tools and technologies by clients.

Digital Lending Automation

Using our end-to-end, fully integrated lending decision platform, fintech, banks and non-financial institutes can optimise risk-reward strategies for new client acquisition and portfolio management. Our automated workflows eliminates manual rekeying of data and enable lightning-fast credit decisions.

digital lending automation

Decision Management Suite​

Corestrat’s Decision Management Suite (DMS) revolutionises how organisations leverage data to make key decisions. AI-powered DMS helps companies optimise credit decisions by leveraging ML-driven decision analytics. Using predictive models and Deep Learning, DMS helps you optimise profitability by making better data-driven, risk-informed decisions.

Corestrat’s offers model-building intelligence by removing the complexity of developing a predictive model without you having to write a single line of code. AI embedded builds predictive models employing multiple ML techniques in quick seconds for the uploaded data and for your target goals.

With Corestrat’s, a reinforcement learning (RL) agent-powered platform, you can backtest multiple strategies and evaluate their impact on simulated portfolio profitability. This unique AI powered gaming-style tool has the ability to generate unsupervised decision strategies to recommend optimal business outcomes.

Data Visualisation

Count on our data visualisation technology to transform your raw data into usable information. Our platform offers charts, graphs, and maps to help you see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in your data. Our data visualisation tool helps organisations deliver KPIs and business metrics in an engaging, interactive way with more context and meaning to it.

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Portfolio Science

We develop algorithmic decision solutions to create and manage real-time portfolio optimisation and rebalancing of your capital investment decisions.

Corestrat Model Studio

Save time and resources to accelerate the development of credit risk predictive models. Corestrat’s Model Studio for financial services removes the complexity of developing a predictive model by automating and repeating processes used in model development and optimized for accuracy of outcome. Our automated model builder goes a step further and generates ready-to-submit model documentation for approval and governance purposes

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