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Time travel into the future for better informed and calculated decision-making.

Introducing the Corestrat Intelligent (

Corestrat’s Intelligent Decisioning .ai ( is a unique gaming-style reinforcement-learning (RL) agent-powered tool that allow users to time travel into the future and simulate the impact of decisions before making them in the real world. 

RL-agent powered is a comprehensive tool that enables organisations to make fast and flexible decisions in real-time with the ability to self-learn emerging trends from new/latest data and inform business decisions.’s powerful automation lets you perform scenario simulation that is real-time and dynamic, guiding you to make the optimal decisions to unlock hidden opportunities faster.

What Makes Unique

Improved problem-solving capabilities

Improved problem-solving capabilities improves problem-solving capabilities by letting you run multiple scenarios quickly and effortlessly by changing input parameters to accurately simulate the impact on key business metrics.

Accurate simulation of key business metrics

Accurate simulation of key business metrics

The tool incorporates many years of institutional domain experience in the calculation and simulation of key business metrics to drive better decisions. Actionable results are provided at a granular level with a set of predefined reports and can be analysed using BI-tools, allowing for an individual and detailed impact analysis.

Data comprehension

Data comprehension enables data comprehension at all organizational levels with user-friendly interfaces and powerful reporting tools. This decision strategy software can be customised with proprietary data sources and algorithms to address the unique needs of your organization.

Fully embeddable into customer journey 

Fully embeddable into customer journey can be embedded and integrated with point-of-sale touch points, and devices to perform federated analytics to inform real-time business decisions using point-in-time data.

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Key Advantages of 

Increased efficiency and accuracy

Author, manage, store and execute decisions and business rules that are consistent and traceable across all channels

Ability to learn from past decisions

Build and deploy lending decisions in minutes; flexibility to test and deploy changes independent of IT release cycle

Reduced manual intervention

Streamline and accelerate digital lending time-to-market, which increases long term cost efficiency.

Discover Corestrat's Complete Product Suite

Digital Lending Automation

Automate credit origination & management workflows.

Build predictive models without writing a single line of code.

Decision Management Suite

Automate and optimise lending decisions through ML.

Data Visualisation

Transform massive data into actionable insights.

Why Choose Corestrat?

Talented Team with Decades of Global Experience in Multiple Business Sectors.

AI Powered Digital Transformation with Expanded Control and Visibility.

Intelligent Automation Smart Platforms and Analytics-Based Advisory.

Intuitive Technology Architecture & Streamlined Business Processes.


Decision strategy software is a type of software that assists organizations in developing and implementing effective decision-making processes. It provides tools and capabilities to analyze data, evaluate options, simulate scenarios, and automate decision-making workflows.

Data visualisation and analytics, decision modelling, simulation and scenario analysis, business rule management, workflow automation and integration, are some of the important features you need to check before you choose the decision strategy software.

Decision strategy software can benefit organisations across various industries, including finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, and more. Any industry that requires data-driven decision-making processes can benefit from using this type of software.

Yes, Corestrat’s, an advanced decision strategy software, can often be customised to meet specific business needs. Depending on the software, you may be able to configure decision models, adapt rules, or modify workflows to align with your organisation’s unique requirements.

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