Decision Management Suite

Build and Deploy Smart Workflows for Real-Time Decision Making

What is Decision Management Suite (DMS)?

Corestrat’s DMS comprises a set of ML-powered applications that can streamline any decision-making workflow. DMS provides both business and technical users the ability to automate business logic and decisions without having to code, processes, and machine learning models.

DMS is a comprehensive tool that enables you to make fast and flexible decisions with defined workflows to help reduce drop-off or churn from delayed decisions.

DMS is well-fitted for businesses looking to make data-backed, contextual decisions in large numbers in real time. The suite helps you boost productivity and profitability by ensuring important decisions are strategy-driven and auditable.

Decision Management Suite with Powerful Features & Capabilities

Drag-and-Drop Decision Rules Builder

Built-in Drag and Drop functionality allows users to easily author, manage, store and execute decisions and business rules without having to code.

Explainable and auditable decisions

Smart workflows and Decision rules versioning enable users to explain decisions to partners and regulators.

Algorithm-driven ready-to-deploy decisions

Leverage inbuilt algorithms to create decisions that are portfolio-goal-oriented, and inbuilt Industry-informed ready-to-deploy predefined rules to expedite go-live.

Decision Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor the real-time performance of your decisions, adjust if necessary, and obtain detailed reports at the click of a button.

Multiple Decision Workflow Management

DMS supports multiple decision workflows (e.g. decisions by geographies) and boosts cross-team collaboration by sharing data points (such as scorecards and other predictive models) across different strategies.

ML-Powered Decision Strategies in Minutes

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Benefits of Leveraging Decision Management Suite

Defined workflows to make faster, flexible, secure and compliant decisions to reduce drop-off from delayed decisions in an ever-changing digital world.


Decision management suite can be easily scaled to support an organisation's growth while handling increasing amounts of customer data and complexity.


Easily adjusts the decision trees, rules, or strategies in DMS to ensure the most appropriate decisions are being applied to each workflow/customer.

Optimize ROI

Create, evaluate, test (virtual simulation), and implement decision strategies across various touch points to drive higher decisioning performance and ROI.


Respond to changing regulations and markets in minutes not days.

One Platform. Multiple Use Cases.

Financial Services

Financial Services

  • Supplier selection 
  • Routing and shipping selection 
  • Reorder levels and alerting



  • Inventory management
  • Machine allocation 
  • Machine configuration

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

  • Fraud detection  
  • Loan approvals 
  • Eligibility scoring

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Digital Lending Automation

Automate credit origination & management workflows.

Build predictive models without writing a single line of code.

Backtest multiple strategies and evaluate all possible outcomes.

Data Visualisation

Transform massive data into actionable insights.

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Decision management software is a type of software that helps organisations automate and streamline their decision-making processes. It typically includes features such as rule engines, analytics, and predictive modelling tools to support data-driven decision-making.

The decision management software has the ability to automate various decisions according to your requirements and the specific software you possess. For example, within Corestrat’s DMS, you can find capabilities such as risk assessment and mitigation, loan approvals, as well as detection and prevention of fraud, all integrated into its decision-management procedure.

Decision management software typically uses a combination of business rules, data analytics, and predictive modelling techniques to automate decision-making processes. It allows organisations to define decision logic and rules, analyse data, and generate actionable insights to support effective decision-making.

By using decision management software such as Corestrat’s DMS, one can make informed decisions based on data and not human bias. Here are some of the benefits of decision management software in general:

  • Improved decision-making speed and accuracy
  • Consistent and standardized decision-making processes
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enhanced compliance and risk management
  • Scalability and adaptability to changing business requirements
  • Integration with other systems and data sources

Yes, decision management software is usually designed to integrate with other systems and data sources. It can connect with databases, enterprise applications, external APIs, and other software tools to access relevant data and information needed for decision-making.

Corestrat’s DMS is highly adaptable and can be effortlessly integrated with existing systems and applications of organisations via our API interface. This seamless integration enables lenders to connect with critical systems and processes, enhancing efficiency and minimising the possibility of errors, ultimately improving the customer experience at banks and lending institutions.

Yes, many decision management software solutions like Corestrat’s DMS support real-time decision-making. They can process data in real time, apply decision logic and rules, and generate immediate responses or actions. Real-time decision management is particularly useful in scenarios where time-sensitive decisions need to be made, such as fraud detection or dynamic pricing.

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