People are our priority

People are the driving force behind our technologies, aiming to streamline processes and simplify everyday tasks for everyone’s benefit in the fintech space.

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Our Core Values:

Empowering team’s strength and success

Collaboration is in our DNA that drives success.

At Corestrat, our commitment to collaborative effort is the driving force behind innovation and progress, both within our organisation and in our interactions with external partners. Internally, we actively promote cross-functional collaboration, enabling our teams to seamlessly share ideas and expertise, which in turn fuels creative problem-solving and keeps our products and services at the forefront of the industry.

Externally, we engage in close collaboration with our clients to fully grasp their needs and ensure their complete satisfaction. Through these partnerships, we gain valuable insights, unlock resources of value that benefit both, and expand our network, all aimed at better serving our clients.

Open doors lead to conversations, innovations & growth.

We at Corestrat have an open-door philosophy, where we encourage all our team members to talk freely and openly about ideas, concerns and feedback. We believe that fostering open and transparent communication is essential to our success. We actively promote an environment where conversations flow effortlessly, enabling us to harness the collective intelligence of our diverse workforce.

This approach not only enhances collaboration and problem-solving but also ensures that every individual feels heard, valued, and empowered to contribute to our ongoing journey of innovation and growth.

Our results are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our ethos revolves around setting clear objectives, measuring progress meticulously, and relentlessly pursuing excellence in every endeavour. We understand that achieving tangible outcomes is paramount, and this focus on results is ingrained in our culture. 

This results-driven mindset not only fuels our productivity but also propels us to continuously innovate and help our team members to better at what they do in the process. With a results-driven approach, we are unwavering in our commitment to achieving and exceeding our goals, for our organisation, team and the clients we serve.

Empowerment is our key to unlock individual and collective potential.

We are dedicated to cultivating an environment where each individual is equipped with the tools, resources, and trust required to make impactful decisions and contribute to our shared triumphs. Our concept of empowerment transcends mere delegation of authority; it encompasses the nurturing of a profound sense of ownership and accountability.

At Corestrat, empowerment is not a privilege reserved for a select few; it is a pervasive cultural trait that permeates every stratum of our organisation. We actively endorse and celebrate inventive ideas, diverse viewpoints, and the courage to take initiative.

Perks of being at


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Hybrid Work

Three days in-office weekly and choice to work remotely for the other two.

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Flexible Time

Freedom to manage your time as long as you finish your assigned tasks.

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Work hard, play hard! Liberal days off to get rejuvenated and refreshed.

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Learning & Development

We offer tools, resources, and training to support your personal development.

Group Medical Coverage

Comprehensive group medical coverage to support your health and well-being.

Term Life

Security of term life insurance coverage shows our commitment to your welfare.

National Pension Scheme

Financial security by offering the NPS, that helps you plan for retirement.

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Competitive Remuneration

Fair compensation that values your skills, dedication, and contributions.

Build an ecosystem
powered by women

With a workforce that consists of more than 35% women, we take great pride in empowering women who hold pivotal roles in shaping the future of Corestrat. Our goal is to inspire and support more women, enabling them to realize their innovative ideas as leaders.

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Menstrual Leave

One paid leave per month for women to manage any physical or emotional discomfort or difficulties during the menstrual period.

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Maternity Leave

Our generous maternity leave policy reflects our commitment to supporting mothers as they embrace this new chapter.

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Women Forum

A forum where women get together twice a quarter to discuss their challenges and any improvements in the organisation.

Our Offices Worldwide

Our Offices Worldwide

Our Offices Worldwide

Our Offices Worldwide

Our Offices Worldwide

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