Digital Lending Automation (DLA)

End-to-end digital loan origination system

What is Digital Lending Automation?

Digital Lending requires companies to make smart decisions, consistently across channels and partners, that are instant, transparent and compliant.

Corestrat’s digital lending automation platform enables companies to implement and automate decisions on areas that are evaluating risks for new credit origination and/or for management of existing credit exposures, calculating prices, or recommending products, at scale.

The platform ensures that your decisions are smart, auditable, and traceable; it enables you to master the decision-making process in the ever-changing digital world.

Cutting-Edge Features to Automate and Scale Your Lending Operations

Built-in Risk Decisioning Screens

This digital lending solution has built-in decision segmentation capability helps lenders identify and target customer segments with offers that are tailored and risk-informed.

Microservices Architecture

The platform is highly adaptable and can be easily integrated with a range of other systems and applications through its API interface. This allows lenders to seamlessly connect with other key systems and processes, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors.

Modular Workflow

With the help of a powerful business rule engine and automated predictive model development capability, our platform assists lenders to make data-driven decisions. Changes to the decision rule models can be done without writing any codes.

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

Intelligent monitoring tool that displays relevant information on customisable monitoring reports, and points to causation-based answers and proactive, actionable insights.

ML-Powered Lending Automation Platform That Grows With You

Business rules modeler for credit decisioning and competitive pricing strategies
Seamless integration of new or updated decision models into existing workflows for application-level scoring
No-doc income estimation model
Unique Decision Simulation capability to evaluate different scenarios
Enrich data from external data sources such as credit bureaus and partner ecosystems.
No-touch decisioning under 60-seconds
Digital Lending Automation
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Stay Ahead of the Curve Robust Credit Decisioning Automation​

Seamless Decision-Making

Author, manage, store and execute decisions and business rules consistent and traceable across all channels.

Sustainable Value Creation

Build and deploy lending decisions in minutes; flexibility to test and deploy changes independent of IT release cycle.

Greater Business Agility

Streamline and accelerate digital lending time-to-market, which increases long term cost efficiency.

One Platform. Multiple Use Cases.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

BNPL provides buyers with no-interest credit access, but their creditworthiness will also call for new techniques for assessing credit risk and data collection to gather more details on consumer spending and income patterns. Our platform helps businesses assess BNPL credit risk by analysing consumers' past borrowing and spending habits, repayment patterns, and other factors.


With the help of our digital lending solution, banks and financial institutes can say yes to loan applications within five minutes, while disbursing the cash within 24 hours. Also, it will add an end-to-end view of the complete customer journey, including a target state determined based on the customer experience, which has been discovered by many banks to be essential to its success.

Invoice-backed Financing

Verify invoices through our NLP-driven automated platform to assess the borrowing capacity of credit applicants. You can easily screen invoices for anomalies and reconcile invoice numbers, with services description and invoice amounts - seamless and paperless streamlining of the loan origination process.

Revolving Credit

Leverage Corestrat’s Digital Lending Automation platform to integrate multiple third party data feeds and customer data for optimal credit limit assignment. Enhanced limit utilisation through real-time assessment for customers to take a loan against their approved limit.

Discover Corestrat's Complete Product Suite

Decision Management Suite

Automate and optimise lending decisions through ML.

Build predictive models without writing a single line of code.

Backtest multiple strategies and evaluate all possible outcomes.

Data Visualisation

Transform massive data into actionable insights.

Why Choose Corestrat?

Talented Team with Decades of Global Experience in Multiple Business Sectors.

AI Powered Digital Transformation with Expanded Control and Visibility.

Intelligent Automation Smart Platforms and Analytics-Based Advisory.

Intuitive Technology Architecture & Streamlined Business Processes.


The digital lending process refers to a loan acquisition approach wherein borrowers can conveniently apply for and obtain loans via online platforms, eliminating the need to personally visit a physical bank or lending institution.

Lending Automation streamlines the entire loan process, starting from application submission to loan disbursal, all accomplished with a few clicks. From loan origination to document verification, loan servicing, collections and reporting, Corestrat’s Digital Lending Automation executes all these processes seamlessly in conjunction with our other products.

  • Improved efficiency: Corestrat’s DLA reduces manual effort, eliminates paperwork, and speeds up the loan approval process, resulting in quicker decision-making and loan disbursals.
  • Enhanced accuracy: Automated systems minimise human errors and ensure consistency in credit assessment, risk analysis, and documentation.
  • Cost savings: By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, lending institutions can reduce operational costs and allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Better customer experience: Corestrat’s Digital Lending Automation enables a seamless and convenient borrowing experience, with faster approvals, online applications, and 24/7 accessibility.
  • Regulatory compliance: Automated systems can be designed to adhere to regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with lending laws and guidelines.

Digital lending automation can be designed with robust security measures to ensure data protection and minimise the risk of breaches. This includes implementing encryption, access controls, secure APIs, regular security audits and also compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA, which is crucial. 

Corestrat’s DLA follows the industry’s best practices and complies with the major regulatory bodies to keep the data secure and safe for both the borrower and lender to maintain a secure lending environment.

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